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First of all, from the media. Since the media has made a large number of people in 2017, earning App  there are still a small number of people who have made a fortune using this as a career. There are two types of self-media, one is full-time, the other is part-time, and full-time must be accumulated At a certain level, it is enough to obtain objective income every day, otherwise they will not have enough to eat. Most of them have several self-media platforms, and most of the fans are in the level of tens of thousands, and they have obtained platform income. earning App   Permissions, as long as you maintain the original publication of some articles and maintain the continuous and stable flow of the account, the income should be stable, such as WeChat Public Ha, Toutiao We Media, Enterprise We Media, Big Fish We Media, Article Reading and Opening Revenue There will be part of the benefits of the transformation. Then there is part-time self-media. Generally, earning App  there are other fixed occupations for part-time self-media. However, even if you are part-time self-media, you should stick to it, at least insist on publishing original articles or original videos every day. This can be combined with your own career. Free Porn  Go ahead and improve your professionalism. Although you can’t see the benefits in the early stage, but if you stick to it for half a year and a year, the benefits will not be less. Now some platforms on Toutiao have subsidy plans, such as Wukong Q&A, which is expected to be 10 in 2018. 100 million yuan subsidizes the original content of the question and answer, and many original answers can get red envelopes. You should get some if you do well. There are also online live answering platforms like Watermelon Video. If you insist on answering the questions, you can also get part of the money. There are many ways to make money from the media, depending on the depth of your research and the degree of persistence  .

 earning App Study hard and improve grades is the best way to make money
It is best for minors to improve their academic performance, especially now, when entering a higher school, such as junior or junior high school, if you have good grades, you can go to a good school without paying any school selection fees or It is extra money, and the school will reward you, don’t you think this is the best way to make money?

Earn money by helping parents with housework 
Minors can make money by helping their parents do housework activities at home, provided that they have to negotiate with their parents and they can proceed with the consent of the parents. This will exercise their hands-on ability on the one hand, and on the other hand Why not make a certain amount of small money? And in the process of doing housework, I will improve my ability to solve problems.

I can invest in some small businesses 
It is also a good way for minors, especially students in school, to use their pocket money to invest in small businesses. For example, you can invest in some review materials yourself, buy them back, and then sell them among your classmates. This is also a good method.earning App The prerequisite is that you must have a keen insight, be able to sell and have guidance. Significant review materials.

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